Welcome to Lake Saint Clair MO

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Lake St. Clair is a private, Franklin County, Missouri community and is located approximately 1 mile west of the City of St. Clair, Missouri off of Missouri Highway PP.  Developed in the early 60’s by Authorized Investors Group the community consists of 450 acres of land, with 1352 lots and twenty three miles of road.  The highlight of the community are the four lakes found within the subdivision.
 The main lake, Lake #1, covers approximately 60 acres and is used primarily for recreation such as boating, skiing, fishing and other water sports.  At one end of Lake #1 is a marina and boat launch.  At the other end of Lake #1 you will find a public beach for non-waterfront owner’s use.  Lakes 2, 3, and 4 also are used for recreational purposes however only trolling type motors are allowed on these three lakes.  
 In the 80's the subdivision received a federal-state grant to install and operate a sewer district.  Along with the Franklin Count Water Company and Ameren Missouri the subdivision has full infrastructure in place to support the 322 homes that are now within the community.
The development is managed by five trustees, who are elected by those property owners whose annual assessments are fully paid. These trustees oversee the physical and financial interests of the community, through the implementation of a set of restrictions, which allows for collection of annual assessments.  Property owners also pay a sewer assessment levied by the Lake St Clair Sewer District.  Property owners desiring access to water have an option of drilling a well or contracting with the Liberty Water company.
Many owners within Lake St Clair desire to make the development a great place to live and raise a family. They know that communities grow when owners get involved and participate in making the community the best that it can be for all of its members.