LSC Road Improvement Committee

Lake Saint Clair Road Improvement Committee

In June, 19 homeowners came together to form the Road Improvement Committee. The Committee was split into 4 groups and conducted a visual inspection of each of the 36 miles of roads in the community. After this visual inspection, the Road Committee came together to prioritize the roads and present recommendations to the Trustees. They presented the following recommendations:
  • First priority is cleaning/repair of culverts. The supporting infrastructure needs to be completed before resurfacing can take place.
  • A separate road fund should be established dedicated only to roads and not used by the General Fund
After hearing these recommendations, trustees have established a separate road fund. A sum of $20,000 has been allocated to this separate fund and will support roads only. The trustees have rented a track hoe for the remainder of the month of June and July. Dig Rite has been contacted and work will begin on culverts and ditches on Tuesday 6/22. A separate page outlining progress and next destinations will be updated on the website each Monday.

The Road Improvement Committee members are:

Michelle Bone

Dave Diederich

Jason Sisk

John Eftink

Barb Barton

Jim Price

Mike Peters

Steve Seyer

Christine Consolino

Tarryn Keller

Cory Smith

Allen Davis

Sean Archambualt

Michael Borawski

T.J. McQueen

Steve Perkinson

Joe Gregor

Kerry Borawski

Karen Weidman


Please thank them for their support in getting this project underway.