Pothole Repair Process

Step 1: Square Up Edges of the hole
           Make the whole roughly square and make sure walls are not sloping
Step 2: Make Sure Hole is 2" or more deep
           For smaller holes, no portland mix is necessary. Just use Cold Patch
Step 3: If Hole is more than 4" deep, mix portland cement
Step 4: Clean the hole of loose dirt and gravel
            Use a broom and blower if possible
Step 5: Fill up to 1 1/2 inches from the top with portland/gravel mix (if needed)
Step 6: Tamp loose dirt and gravel
Step 7: Fill the hole with cold patch
           Make sure cold patch completely covers the hole. Leave it about an inch above surrounding road
Step 8: Tamp the cold patch
Step 9: Drive over the hole with your vehicle a few times

Demo video: