Visitor Pass Request

Please note: The person requesting guest passes must have a valid sticker for each vehicle they own. In addition, a maximum of 3 passes may be requested each time and the used passes must be surrendered prior to receiving additional passes.  Issued passes will be pre-dated by Lake St Clair Personnel for a limited period of time.  Should an owner need additional time they may reapply for a new pass.  Guest passes can be picked up at the Community Center office during regular office hours, (Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8 am and 4 pm) or they can be mailed to you.  Please allow time for guest passes to be processed.

Use this form to request Guest Passes. The Guest Pass is only required for parking around Lakes or the Swim area. There is also a perforated section that can be torn off and filled out for guests who would like to fish off dams. Guest Passes are not required if a guest is parking at an owner's property