Current LSC Stickers Required

Greetings Owners of Lake Saint Clair Property,

Due reports from multiple owners concerning unregistered boats and vehicles using LSC Amenities and causing problems. We will again this year have an outside security presence at the Lake 1 Marina and patrolling the swim area and other lake’s common areas. There will be a chain in place at the Lake 1 boat launch and those wishing to launch boats or park in that area will need to show current Lake Saint Clair stickers. At the Swim area and other lake common areas, cars parked and not displaying current Lake Saint Clair stickers will be identified with no-parking flyers on vehicle windows and license information will be recorded. Signs will be posted next week stating that the Lakes and Common areas are for Owner’s Use Only. 

Beginning the weekend of March 25th 2022, vehicles parked in any common area without a current Lake Saint Clair sticker will receive a No Parking Notification and once again License information will be recorded. Beginning the weekend of April 5th, vehicles parked in common areas not displaying current Lake Saint Clair stickers will be towed per **Missouri Law 304.157 – Vehicles Improperly Parked On Private Property – Subdivision 1 of Subsection 4**.

*Towing costs are approximately $200 plus storage fees*